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Maverick, noun, mav·er·ick, a person who refuses to follow the customs or rules; an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party.

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Taking Back the American Dream

2019 FMMA Annual Conference

Free Market Minute: Don't Miss the 2019 FMMA Conference

It is exciting to watch how the association has grown and changed since 2014. FMMA’s initial goal was simply to teach others how to replicate the success the Founders had experienced by embracing the free market in healthcare. At that time, a Buyer and Seller working together, without interference, was unheard of, and often it was contractually banned by the establishment. As awareness of the true causes of the broken healthcare system has emerged, greater rumblings about perverse incentives, inflated costs, and the monopolistic control by just a few are getting louder. 

The theme of the 5th FMMA Annual Conference is Burn the Ships: The Healthcare Free Market New World. This event will be more than informative, more than commiserative; it will provoke you to act and (possibly) instigate an insurrection.

Note: Registration is open now at www.ShopHealth.FMMA.org/events. More details on page 6.


12 Ways to Free-Marketize your Plan: RX Costs
  • Encourage employees to “shop” for their prescriptions; costs can vary widely between pharmacies, even with a PBM.
  • Many PBM contracts make the cost of a drug higher than if it was bought with no contract in place.
  • If employee pays cash for lower-cost RXs, structure your Plan to reimburse these purchases.
  • Cover the cost of RXs purchased by the employee from their DPC; generally at wholesale prices.
  • Check out free market pharmacies.