New FMMA Chapter • San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio, Texas Direct Med Clinic and Shankx Web Development announce their collaboration to bring the Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) to San Antonio. The founder of the San Antonio chapter, Dr. Moczygemba, is owner of Direct Med Clinic in San Antonio. Mr. Poncelet, CEO of Shankx Web Development, joins the San Antonio chapter of FMMA as Co-Chair. Since November 2019, the San Antonio FMMA meets quarterly to bring together business owners, providers and facilities that see the value of price transparency in healthcare in the city.

  Results of a national study shows medical debt continues to be the leading contribution of bankruptcy in the United States. 500,000 Americans per year declare bankruptcy due to illness or medical bills. Bringing healthcare to millions of Americans without making it accessible and affordable is not a solution to the healthcare crisis.

  The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) seeks to restore the American values of free and unrestricted market between the buyer and the seller of goods and services by providing a free market network to San Antonio.

San Antonio FMMA assists patients seeking free market doctors, physicians aiming to grow their Direct Primary Care practice, and employers seeking quality affordable, accessible health care for their employees without the fear of costs.

About Direct Med Clinic

Before training in Family Practice in the Navy, Roger Moczygemba, MD, graduated from Texas A&M Health Science Center. He has worked in Family Practice, Occupational Medicine, and Urgent Care for 25 years. He was a pioneer in the telemedicine industry as the president and lead physician in one of the nation’s first and largest telemedicine companies. His innovative drive continues through his demonstrated commitment to the affordable care of his patients. Dr. Moczygemba feels that value in healthcare starts in the room between the doctor and the patient. 

Dr. Moczygemba is privileged to be able to fill the needs of his community through the Direct Primary Care model. Direct Med Clinic provides access to quality primary care and wellness who struggle with access to healthcare due to high premiums or deductibles. 

Direct Med Clinic addresses the needs of large employers through economical onsite clinic services, which allows Direct Med Clinic to impact the population health of their employees. For midsize employers, we provide affordable access to care through our “near site” model. Direct Med Clinic also contracts directly with small employers who value their employees but who cannot afford insurance.

For more information about Direct Med Clinic, please visit or call 210-405-2486.

About Shankx Web Development

Although Direct Primary Care is one of the best innovative healthcare solutions to provide better healthcare services to businesses, families and individuals, it is still relatively new. As a result, people unfamiliar with the Direct Primary Care model will not understand the value it offers. Through advanced content and digital marketing strategies, Shankx Web Development and Consulting stimulates awareness and interest through education.

Shankx Web Development and Consulting is meeting the needs of this rapidly evolving industry by using intelligent solutions to effectively maintain SEO and websites. Regular social media posts made throughout the month by Shankx Web Development increase awareness of free market efforts and support resources available to the people of San Antonio.

For more information about Shankx Web Development, visit or call 210-806-6642.