The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) was founded in 2014 by Jay Kempton, President and CEO of The Kempton Group, and Dr. Keith Smith CEO and Medical Director of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma, based on their mutual desire to change the face of healthcare.

The FMMA, first and foremost, promotes transparency in healthcare, with the goal of bringing willing buyers and willing sellers of healthcare goods and services together and, in turn, reducing costs and increasing quality.

The FMMA has as its foundation the concepts that PRICE is not a product; CARE is the product, and when a willing buyer is matched with a willing seller, it is a win for both parties. Members work to utilize the principles of the free market based on the organization’s pillars: PRICE, VALUE and EQUALITY in the healthcare arena. To learn more about the Pillars of FMMA, click here

The FMMA provides a forum and resource for employers and patients as Buyers of healthcare and Sellers of healthcare and related industries through:

  • 18 Local Chapters in fifteen states
  • Annual Conference with industry leaders and speakers
  • Education & Media (Free Market Healthcare Solutions Magazine,, social media)
  • Shop Health – Transparent Pricing Tool  
  • Partner and Sponsorship Opportunities
  • To join the FMMA, click here