FMMA Chapters

Local Chapters

Why Be Involved in Your Local Chapter

Local chapters of the Free Market Medical Association connect you with like-minded employers, physicians, facilities, industry experts, and experts in your own community.  Within your local chapter, the group helps to facilitate and implement strategies, ideals, and goals that are important to you.

Bringing both buyers and sellers of healthcare goods and services together to strategize, identify, and implement solutions is ground-breaking and paradigm shifting.  For too long, third party vendors have kept two of the biggest stakeholders in our healthcare system apart–the providers, and the employers. Both sides recognize that the only way for providers to provide the highest value, and for employers to offer comprehensive benefits without runaway healthcare costs, is to work together to advocate for change.

Your local chapter connects you with free market-friendly providers who have embraced transparent pricing and quality. FMMA member physicians and facilities understand that helping your business succeed is an essential part of keeping the local community strong, and helps them succeed!

What should you expect? Amazing conversation, new friends, expanded resources, and maybe some answers and solutions. Your chapter may meet monthly over lunch at a local business, or may choose to meet regularly by video chat or conference call, and only meet in person every quarter. Each local chapter has their own schedule and topics based on what is best for the participating members, but the relationships formed are beneficial across the board.

Recently, the Austin chapter held a highly successful event featuring FMMA Founders, Dr. Keith Smith and Jay Kempton, FMMA Beacon Award Winner, Texas Free Market Surgery, and the President of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Jonathan Small. The topic was Red River Rivalry, How Texas Can Beat Oklahoma in the Free Market.  This event drew more than 100 attendees from as far away as 300 miles! By the conclusion, participants were fired up to be part of this community and to collaborate with fellow members to create solutions.

Don’t have a local chapter in your area? You can start one! Starting a local chapter is easier than you think—simply talk to the FMMA staff, fill out some paperwork, and then invite anyone you know to sit down and have a conversation. Chapters grow steadily over time as attendees invite someone they know to the next meeting.

The FMMA currently has 18 local chapters, and more than 300 members in 33 states. You may have free market warriors in your own back yard!  Join the FMMA and support or start a local chapter.