Free Market Healthcare Solutions magazine, in partnership with the Free Market Medical Association (FMMA), is dedicated to providing employers and patients as Buyers of healthcare with information about the newest changes and most relevant trends in free market healthcare. This publication is an educational tool and resource for self-funded employers, and a forum for free market-minded providers of healthcare goods and services. By acquainting and encouraging employers to embrace the free market in their health plans, we promote the understanding that there is a way to lower claims costs, reduce risk, while offering better benefits.

The print version of Free Market Healthcare Solutions magazine is delivered by mail to more than 15,000 C-level executives, industry related affiliates, DPCs and FMMA members in all the key markets in 46 states. Free Market Healthcare Solutions is available online at USHealthMedia.com. We also share news for and about key players on YouTube at USHealthMedia.

Our Mission:
To promote, educate, and support the Healthcare Revolution, which will bring about true healthcare reform, based upon Buyers and Sellers working together in a mutually beneficial way, without the interference of the government or valueless third parties.

Free Market Healthcare Solutions welcomes FMMA members to submit articles, information, opinions, or ideas that enhance the mission of this publication. Please submit contributions to: info@ushealthmedia.com or megan@fmma.org.

Free Market Healthcare Solutions is published bi-monthly.

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Cathy Payne, Publisher

Cathy Payne was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. Like many of the best in her craft, she has a specialized degree—in her case, hard science—and a gift for writing. She found her voice and fulfillment writing news and magazine features for a regional Central Texas audience

She is the Senior Editor at Fidelis Publishing Group, LLC, and provides daily support for multiple news magazines, marketing campaigns, and books.

Megan Freedman, Editorial Manager

Megan Freedman has worked with self-funded benefit plans for more than 15 years. For the past 12 years, she has worked with The Kempton Group serving as the Vice President of Corporate Communications. Ms. Freedman has extensive experience not only in employee benefits, but also marketing, sales, account management, executive support, and member services. Ms. Freedman is the Executive Director of the Free Market Medical Association. She was recently featured on Kevin Price’s Pricing in Business Radio show and writes and co-authors many articles, white papers, and educational materials. She is licensed in Life, Health, and AD&D in Oklahoma and Texas.

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