A New Direct Primary Care Advocacy Organization is Born

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by Dr. Lee Gross
We need a nimble and savvy organization that will not just debate, but act swiftly to this evolving risk. ~Dr. Lee Gross

Like most physicians, I persevered through my professional training, knowing when I completed that journey, I would be able to use my skills to help others.  It was immediately obvious upon entering practice that everything I worked to attain in my professional life was slipping out of grasp, just as it was within reach.

I watched corporate entities co-opt my skills for their financial gain. I watched government policies disrupt innovation. I watched politicians give away my professional services for their political gain. I watched third parties treat doctors and patients as commodities to be interchanged, bought and sold.

As I stood on that precipice, I refused to give up everything I aspired to be without a fight.

It has been nearly a decade since the “epiphany” that has forever changed my path in medicine.  With one simple question, “Doc, why am I paying an insurance company to pay you to see me?”, my life has forever changed.  That day, I began a journey with some of the bravest professionals that I have ever met.

The power of self-determination by physicians has never had more transformative potential than it does in health care today with the Direct Primary Care movement. Our patients and our nation need physicians to stand up and be the healers of our profession. DPC is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for physicians and patients to reclaim the healing powers of a sacred, unencumbered relationship.

DPC has grown to be a formidable force in fixing health care. One does not disrupt a $3 trillion industry without that industry adapting to maintain its control. We are seeing an emergence of an entirely new crop of third parties, corporate interests and political threats to the DPC movement. These existential threats are growing rapidly.

For these reasons, we need an organization that will stand strong for the interests of doctors and patients of the DPC movement in the face of these growing threats. We need a nimble and savvy organization that will not just debate, but act swiftly to this evolving risk. We need an organization that will be proactive and lobby for the interests of DPC. We need an organization that will promote the social welfare of the DPC movement.

While Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation has been a national leader in the DPC movement since the beginning, these growing needs exceed the boundaries of the organizational structure of D4PCF. A new 501c4 non-profit organization has been created that is dedicated solely to this cause, led by practicing DPC physicians and national leaders in DPC advocacy.

The disruptive potential of DPC is clear. The time for DPC is now.

The organization to lead this charge is DPC Action!

Every journey begins with a first step. The path to a healthier future is here. www.dpcaction.com

Lee S. Gross, MD is the Founder of Epiphany Health, a pioneer Direct Primary Care practice in Florida. He is the President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation and the Chairman of DPC Action.