2019 FMMA Annual Conference Recap & New Executive Director

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In our last edition, we invited you to attend the 5th FMMA Annual Conference Burn the Ships: The Healthcare Free Market New World.  This event was informative and motivating, bringing together long-time advocates with those who are new to the movement, creating a catalyst for a renewed sense of purpose.

In addition to the other fantastic speakers, David Contorno, Founder of E Powered Benefits, a consulting firm at the forefront of connecting the buyers and sellers of healthcare, presented a powerful presentation.

This session was an eye-opening experience for not only the self-funded employers in the room, but also the other attendees, outing the ethical dilemmas of a system designed to reward those who do the wrong thing for an employer.

Outlining his own ethical dilemma a few years ago, Contorno shared how he noticed that while costs were increasing and employers were continuously taking big hits, his revenue got better and better. It was this realization that led him to overhaul his compensation structure and his approach to helping employers manage their plans.

Navigating the competing interests of the third parties who have inserted themselves into the delivery of care transaction is a struggle for all self-funded employers. Many consultants and brokers, PBMs, PPO networks, and a host of other vendors bring little to no true value, cost savings, or ROI to a self-funded employer; often just increasing the cost and complexity of an employer’s Plan.

Just like most employers, your goal is to have happy and healthy employees in the most cost-effective way possible. Embracing the solutions promoted by the FMMA and Free Market Healthcare Solutions can help you achieve that goal.

If you were unable to attend the conference, all is not lost!

Videos and slides of many of the sessions are available on the FMMA website. Don’t forget to check them out!